Monteverde to La Fortuna - Jeep Boat Jeep

We are a Jeep Boat Jeep transportation company traveling from Arenal to Monteverde or viceversa.

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  • Arenal (La Fortuna)
  • Monteverde
  • Arenal (La Fortuna)
  • Monteverde

Service Information

This Jeep Boat Jeep tour is quickly transfers travelers between the Arenal and Monteverde areas by boating across Lake Arenal.
Our vehicles will come to the hotel where you are staying to pick you up.

The first part of the journey is getting you from your hotel to Lake
Arenal. This will take approximately 20 minutes if you leave from La Fortuna, or about 1 hour 45 minutes from Monteverde.

After arriving at Lake Arenal, you will take a boat ride for approximately 45 minutes. If you are headed to Monteverde, you will arrive in the Río Chiquito area. If you are headed to La Fortuna, your boat will take you to La Represa area. No matter which direction you are headed, this is a great chance to enjoy a ride across the lake and a view of the volcano.

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